A (photographic) lesson in life

A lesson learned in photography (and life maybe..)



Experience:Nature - Best Landscape Photography so far by Stuart Hodgson

buttermere - lake district - best photos - sunset at haystacks
Possibly the best sunset I have witnesed. A roaring sunset from haystacks near Buttermere looking towards the Irish sea. Lake district, England - best photos.

Phra Nang beach at sunset, Railay, Krabi, Thailand, worlds best beach
The best beach I've been too, a simply beautiful place - Phra Nang beach at sunset, Railay, Krabi, Thailand.

I'm not normally one to get up early, but when I was camping at Buttermere in the Lake District once, I woke quite early - so I went for a wander to the lake. It was a calm, clear, windless day - so peaceful & serene, and here is a pic of Buttermere to try and catch that special time.

A great place to see a long sequence of different waterfalls is Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire dales. Autumn time is especially special with the colour of the Fall leaves.



High-Force Waterfall Walk in Teessdale


The above picture was taken on a fleeting visit - but there is a good walking route you can do that takes in lots of waterfalls in the area, below, which I plan to do at some point. More information on this walk can be found at www.mywainwrights.co.uk/

A walk map/route taking in high force, low force, bowlee falls and bleabeck force. distance 7.5 miles / 3hours or so - map from www.mywainwrights.co.uk



Kid's Outdoors Portrait Photography

Ella Rose Hodgson - Creative Portrait Photography / Outdoors.

Because I love the outdoors - and this is what this blog is about - I thought I would include on it some of my personal photos of my daughter, Ella Rose Hodgson, in outdoor settings! In the past my photography work has been focussed on landscape photography - but with the birth of my daughter I have become more interested in Portrait photography - and hopefully I will get many chances to sharpen my portrait skills while practicing on Ella!

Love this - Kid's Outdoors Portrait Photography Creative Baby Best



My adventures in the US: Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon & Sedona

Outdoor adventures in the US: 

Tunnel View Yosemite National Park Yosmite weather camping San Francisco Waterfall-upper-falls Walk Hike Trip travel hotel
A bucket list scene - Tunnel View at Yosemite National Park - what an awesome and majestic place

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