Aysgarth Falls Walk and West Burton Waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales

The waterfall at West Burton on a mid-summers evening
A hidden gem! The lovely little waterfall at West Burton on a mid-summers evening

2 stunning waterfall spots in the Yorkshire Dales

This post is not a long walk documented in depth - but it takes in some stunning waterfalls that I have visited and photographed on quite a few occasions.

Aysgarth Falls is a popular spot for tourists on a warm day, and is well photographed. West Burton Falls, not that far away is perhaps not as well known and tends to be quieter but is a very photogenic waterfall in it's own right.

Aysgarth falls:

Aysgarth Waterfalls, lower falls, in the autumn, walk and map, yorkshire
The best images I have taken at Aysgarth Falls where on an Autumn Evening, when the tree's turned a lovely rusty colour, and personally I prefer Aysgarth Lower Waterfalls

Aysgarth Waterfalls, lower falls, in the autumn, walk and map
Another shot from a different higher angle of Aysgarth Lower Waterfalls in the Autumn

West Burton Waterfall:

West Burton Waterfall is an excellent waterfall to photograph and is actually really easy to walk too from West Burton village - you could park the car a few minutes away!

Up close at West Burton's waterfall
Up close at West Burton's waterfall

west burton waterfall, best waterfalls in the yorkshire dales, walks in yorkshire, aysgarth falls
West Burton Waterfall on a summers day after rainfall - I prefer the previous photos where the water isn't in full flow.

Walking Route: Aygsgarth Falls & West Burton Waterfall walk

Walk distance: 4.57mile
Walk time: 2.5 hours
Walk difficulty: Easy

This walk starts off in West Burton and heads in a clockwise direction towards Aysgarth High Force, a good place to stop and admire the views. You'll then double back on yourself back over the bridge and head east, south of the river towards Hesholme Farm, then returning back south to West Burton - where you will be able to see West Burton Waterfall in a nice ending to the walk.

west burton village
The idyllic village of West Burton at the start of the walk. I was very impressed by the quaint stone cottages surrounding the village green - the quintessential Yorkshire Dales village and well worth a visit in itself. We also had lunch in the Fox & hounds pub and I'd recommend there. Pic from www.countryhideaways.co.uk

Well I hope that this short blog post inspires you to visit the area of West Burton & Aysgarth and see the waterfalls for yourself.

Happy Hiking!

Post by Stuart Hodgson 
'The Hiking Photographer'

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