Roseberry Topping & Bluebell Wood, North Yorkshire Walks

Roseberry Topping - Bluebells in Newton Wood
Roseberry Topping - Bluebells in Newton Wood (Taken early June 2013 - a little later in the year than usual)

The best place to see Roseberry Topping and the Bluebells:

Roseberry Topping and the surrounding North York Moors make for some great walks and fine views any time of the year, (and I have done a blog post on my best Roseberry Topping walk from Great Ayton here - www.stuarthodgson.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/roseberry-topping-sunse)

However it is in the spring when an extra special event happens when Bluebell Wood springs into life, when a carpet of Bluebells light up swathes of the land. On this blog post you can see some of my pictures from Bluebell Wood in the spring time, and of those who haven't witnessed this spectacular sight - I've shown a map of where exactly this place is and how to get there.

Map showing my location to take the best picture of roseberry topping bluebells
Map showing my location to take my best picture of roseberry topping bluebells shown at the top of the page

How to get to the best view point to see the bluebells and Roseberry Topping in the spring

Firstly just make sure it's the right time in the spring when the bluebells are generally in flower  everywhere. If they are you in luck! The best car park to use is just north of Great Ayton, at foot of Roseberry topping lane. Its on the map above in the middle right at the top.

From the car park head up roseberry lane then into newton wood up the steps – then turn right through newton wood when you come to a bench. There are a few paths through newton wood – take any but just keep walking south for about 20-30mins and you will eventually come to an opening which is a small field covered in bluebells. When the bluebells are out - the walk through newton wood is magical - and you might even get to see some deer! The best views are at the most elevated part of the bluebell field – next to the fence bordering a grassy field (where the circle is on the map) - which isn't to far away from cliff rigg quarry. On a spring evening it's an stunning walk through bluebell wood - I just couldn't believe how many bluebells there were. Obviously the bluebells only make an appearance in the spring - I'm told mid may is traditionally the best time when they are in full flower - although spring was late when I done this walk! (june 2013).

Walking through the stunning Bluebell Wood

Roseberry Topping - Bluebells in Newton Wood
One of my best views anywhere! Roseberry Topping - Bluebells in Newton Wood
This is the view looking the other way to the shot above Roseberry - the colours from the evening glow where magical

So that wraps this blog post up. I hope this blog post inspires you to want to visit the bluebells at Newton Wood next spring!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions - just post a comment and I'll try and answer. 

Blog Post by Stuart Hodgson, 'The Hiking Photographer'

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  1. Super pictures of the bluebells, beautiful at sunset! The Roseberry Topping photo reminds me of one of Joe Cornish`s which I had as a screen background until I accidentally washed my phone! I missed the best of the bluebells this year as they were wilting when I got time to visit I think your photos help to make up for this, thanks! :)

    1. Thanks Julie. Yeh it's a lovely area when the bluebells are out. They where quite late this year. There was actually a few photographers in the same location as me on this evening - it's a popular spot and no doubt lots of very similar photos kicking around!

  2. Hi Steve - they usually appear may until early June


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