Gear Review: Vango Nanga 60+10 Rucksack

Review: Vango Nanga 60+10 Rucksack
The Vango Nanga 60 + 10 - a great value, comfortable rucksack with lots of features.

I've been on the look out for a large rucksack for a while that will scale to specific needs out on the trail - and the Vango Nanga 60+10 is certainly a very good value option full of great features. As ever I like to keep my reviews quick and to the point to help you make a decision:


  • For it's size the rucksack does feel lightweight due to it's special nylon fabric (Excel® 210D Double Line Ripstop Nylon to be specific!)
  • A great feature is the back fitting harness system which easily allows an individual to tailor the fit and height of straps relative to the back which importantly helps spread the load evenly across your back - ideal for someone like me who's back isn't in the greatest shape!
  • The '3D' hip belt is also very well fitting and helps with the comfortable feel of the bag by load spreading
  • The bag is fitted with a 'floating top section with can let you add a further optional 10 Litres - which can come in handy
  • Through the zip system the bag allows easy access to the full contents of it - which again is very handy!
  • The straps on the side of the bag allow you to carry extra load such as small tents & sleeping bags/mats!
Review: Vango Nanga 60+10 Rucksack
One of the things that struck me most about this bag was the comfort level and it's lightweight. The adjustable back fitting system really helps to spread the weight

Review: Vango Nanga 60+10 Rucksack
The side straps are certainly handy for adding extra optional  load such as my backpacking tent & sleeping bag!


  • I can't say I have experienced many cons with this bag just yet. I haven't been caught in a heavy downpour (yet) so it will be interesting to see how the bag copes with that and how effective the included waterproof cover is.
  • Reading reviews elsewhere - there may be a slight issue with the robustness of the mesh pockets on the out sides of the bag - which are handy for things like water bottles. But I have yet to experience problems.

Review: Vango Nanga 60+10 Rucksack
It remains to be seen how robust the mesh pockets will be.


As ever from Vango - this product is really great value and comes with some good features for the price point. Being good value, comfortable and lightweight - it's certainly a good option for a large rucksack.

Review: Vango Nanga 60+10 Rucksack

Price & buying

The tent has an RRP of £120 - but can be picked up cheaper online, such as for £90 on the amazon.co.uk link below

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