Review: Vango Nemesis 300 Tent

Vango Nemesis 300 tent review camping best tent 2 man 3 person cheapest wild camping
The Vango Nemesis 300 Geodesic Tent - a good value, sturdy tent with lots of space

Nemesis 300 - A straightforward simple review

If you have seen my other reviews on this blog you will know I like to keep them short and succinct and try and not to waffle on too much :-) This review is of the Vango Nemesis 300 - a 3-person geodesic tent. (Note the model I have reviewed here has since been upgraded slightly to be called the Nemesis 300 Pro)

Vango Nemesis 300 tent review camping best tent 2 man 3 person cheapest wild camping
The geodesic design means the tent can withstand a buffeting by the harshest of the British weather 


• Like all Vango products the tent is great value for money - and many other geodesic design tents (although lighter) are much more expensive.

• The key aspect of the Nemesis range is the geodesic design - which means it can be freestanding and stand up to the harsher windier weather - if you need a tent which is stable - this should be seriously considered

There is plenty of space and head-room in the the Nemesis 300

• As it’s labelled a 3-person tent - there is a lot of room inside for 3 people or 2 people plus their gear (Note: even if you only want a 2-person tent - I would recommend going for the Nemesis 300 over the 200 - that extra bit of room for a little bit more weight makes all the difference in being a  comfortable space with your stuff for longer stays)

• The Nemesis 300 has excellent ventilation - with the same access to the tent from either end - and either side of the door at each end - you could even have both doors open for extra ventilation if you want!

Vango Nemesis 300 tent review camping best tent 2 man 3 person cheapest wild camping
Here we can see how the the porch can be opened up at either side and it's also the same at the other end of the tent - spoilt for choice about which way to enter or exit!

• The tent is very easy to pitch (and take down) - with 4 colour coded poles - and can be pitched either with the inner & outer fly sheet already attached for even quicker pitching (10mins or so) - or you could pitch the outer fly sheet first and then attach the inner (this may be the case if you want to separate the tent to cary in different rucksacks (15-20mins)

• Another good point is that the stuff sack is oversized - so there will be no problem fitting the tent back in the bag and then the compression straps help compress the sack further

• So far the tent has stood up well to the British weather and it offers good rain and condensation protection (the extra ventilation can also help dry the condensation quicker than normal)

• The tent gives two large porches - perfect for storing boots, water and excess stuff.

With 2 porches at either end there is plenty of room to store those smelly damp boots :-)


• To be really good value and good quality - something has to give and in the Nemesis 300’s case its the weight. The Nemesis 300 weighs in at 4.28kg - quite a bit heavier than some of the more premium geodesic tents - so it all depends on how much the weight maters to you. But for someone like me who wants good value and isn’t really an expedition pro - then the extra weight is a price worth paying and don’t forget it can be split between 2/3 people to make the load less.

Here you can see the colour coded poles - essentially there are 2 red poles and 2 orange poles to make it even simpler for pitching


• This is a great value geodesic tent with lots of space for 2/3 people and some neat features like the dual entry

• It can be pitched quickly and easily

• It’s perfect for a budget conscious small backpacking group of 2/3 people who want some comfortable space and need something to stand up to the UK weather


You can pick up this model of the Nemesis 300 here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vango-Nemesis-Tent-tente-personn/dp/B01MZB4HHB

You can find out more about the Vango Nemesis 300 Pro here http://www.vango.co.uk/gb/tents/2030-nemesis-pro-300.html  

Blog Post by Stuart Hodgson, 'The Hiking Photographer'

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