Etive Mor Waterfall - A photographers dream! Is this the most scenic & best waterfall in Scotland?

Etive Mòr Waterfall Buachaille where is it map location photo photography Glencoe
Etive Mor Waterfall is a popular place for photographers and it’s easy to see why when you visit this iconic and awesome Scottish location. It’s an easy to get to place and if you are in the Glencoe area it’s a must-see view. 

Etive Mor Waterfall - a stunning scene with one of Scotland’s most iconic mountains in the background 

Etive Mòr Waterfall Buachaille where is it map location photo photography Glencoe
Whilst in itself the waterfall is nothing special, when in context with the towering pyramid-like mountain of Buachaille Etive Mòr in the background it makes for a truly amazing and unique Scottish view. It's loved by photographers and has been photographed many times, if you happen to visit in good conditions you will no doubt be joined by other photographers even though it's in a remote place. I happened to pass this stunning place when the water was in full flow and not quite right for a long exposure (and also in a bit of a rush en route to Fort William) but I will return one day!

Where is Etive Mor Waterfall? The best waterfall in Scotland?

where is Etive Mor Waterfall? map location Scotland
Even though Etive Mor Waterfall looks (and is) quite remote - it is close to the A82 road which takes you to Glencoe, and there is a minor road which you can travel down and park the car about 2 mins walk from Etive Mor Waterfall. Because of its accessibility it's a popular spot, and part of me is loathe to encourage even more cars & people to this spot, but it is a stunning place and I want to encourage people to find the best of our natural landscapes and views. If you do visit, as ever, please respect the area :-)


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