Campervan trip to Tan Hill Inn, Britains' highest pub in North-Yorkshire


Tan Hill Inn Yorkshire Campervan Road-trip where is it how high car
The area around the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire is simply stunning. You feel so remote and away from everything.

A night in the campervan at the Tan Hill Inn in North-Yorkshire

The Tan Hill Inn in North-Yorkshire is a world-famous remote pub that dates back to the 17th century and is known for being the highest pub in the U.K. Despite its remoteness in North-Yorkshire, it usually gets a good amount of people visiting it from far and wide, who may come for a day trip, or stay over in one of their rooms, or pitch up in a campervan (like us) or even tent. I've been a few times and can say its always a good atmosphere and the food and drink is superb, there is often live music on too! We decided to head over in the campervan for a night one cold March and below you will find a few pics. 

Tan Hill Inn
The Tan Hill Inn, is miles from anywhere, but as you can see quite popular too. On the time we visited the winter snow was still kicking around, but fortunately the roads where well maintained. In deep winter there have been occasions when people have been snowed in for days! Not necessarily a bad thing for some ha

What is the highest pub in the UK

The Tan Hill Inn is the highest pub in the UK at 1,732 feet (528m) above sea-level.

Where is the Tan Hill Inn?

The Tan Hill Inn is located in North-Yorkshire, in Swaledale, England. It's easiest to drive to by a 20 minute drive off the A66. If you've never been - it's certainly worth a visit. 

Where is the Tan Hill Inn? map location
Here you can see the location of the Tan Hill Inn, in North-Yorkshire, which is usually accessed via from the A66 or via held in Swaledale. Most people travel here by car or bike, some walk, and the roads are suitable for motorhomes.

Photos of our road-trip to The Tan Hill Inn

I love the remoteness of the roads en-route to the Tan Hill Inn. They remind me of some of the roads I've travelled on in the US, where you are unlikely to pass any other vehicles. 

VW campervan transporter
We pitch up in the camper van by the road side to make a brew and enjoy the peace and quiet

How's that for a view while having a brew!

VW campervan transporter yorkshire
The remoteness up here in this part of Yorkshire is a sight to behold

VW campervan transporter Tan hill Inn
We are not far from the Tan Hill Inn here - which you can see in the centre of the photo

VW campervan transporter Tan hill Inn
At the highest pub in the UK

The world-famous Tan Hill Inn sign - confirming it as Britain's Highest Inn

Tan Hill Inn Bar drink food
The Tan Hill Inn dates from the 17th century and it keeps a lot of its old world charm. There are other rooms that are more contemporary, but this room next to the bar and the roaring fire is my favourite - the perfect place to enjoy some fine ales and home cooked food - which is exactly what we did on this trip. And because we where staying over, it meant we could drink to our hearts content :-) 

Camervan hire sunrise yorkshire north-east
Despite the groggy head from the beer, the sunrise the next morning was stunning!

VW Camervan hire sunrise yorkshire north-east
It was a chilly start to the day to say the least, with a fresh dusting of snow. Fortunately the diesel heater in the campervan kept us warm - an absolute must on this kind of trips!

Camervan hire yorkshire north-east
As the sun comes up - its time to hit the road once again! What a quality road-trip we've had to visit the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire. I really recommend visiting the place, even if just for the day, and it's not that difficult to drive from the A66 to be quite honest.

Happy Travels!

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