The stunning Muker Wild Flower Meadows in Upper Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales


Muker wild flower meadows Yorkshire Dales walk map route River Swale
The wild flower meadows in Muker in the Yorkshire Dales are some of the finest places to see Wild Flowers in the whole of the UK

The spectacular Muker wildflower meadows in Swaledale

The fields around Muker in the Yorkshire Dales are a special place to visit in the months of mid-May until end of June when the stunning wildflower meadows in the fields to the north of Muker are in full bloom. Each field has it's own special mix of Wildflowers and it's one of the best places to see upland wildflower meadows from a footpath in the Yorkshire Dales. Infact some of the meadows at Muker are protected as part of the Muker meadows Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) as wildflowers in this concentration are now a rarity in Britain and are the result of years of management from the local Dales farmers who cut the fields back at the end of June in the traditional way to provide fodder for their livestock during the winter months. It really is an amazing sight to see.

muker wildflower meadows walk upper swaledale yorkshire dales
Each of the 12 fields just to the north of Muker has its own mix of wildflowers and in these species rich meadows you'll find Cat's ear, Wood crane's bill, Buttercups, Lady's mantle, Yellow rattle, Rough hawkbit, Sweet vernal grass, Pignut and Melancholy thistle as well as a wide range of insects, birds and small mammals. Note the best time to see the meadows in all their glory is in June.

Map location of the wild flower meadows in Muker:

Here's a map of where you will find these stunning wild flower meadows in the months of May & June. They are really easy to access from Muker and as you can see the fields are just to the north of Muker and a clearly marked footpath cuts right through the fields

Muker wild flower meadows Yorkshire Dales walk map route River Swale
The wildflower meadows are really easy to access, although you are asked to stay to the well-marked footpaths. Six of the fields have easy to walk down flagged paths and  the first two are suitable for wheelchairs or pushchair visitors (until you come to a narrow gate). They really are a must-do activity if you are in the area in early summer - even if you just do a very short walk from Muker to the wild flower meadows and back

Muker wild flower meadows Yorkshire Dales walk map route River Swale
The fields make for a lovely leisurely stroll all the way to the river Swale

Muker wild flower meadows Yorkshire Dales walk map route River Swale
The fields have a variety of wild flowers and my favourite time to visit is on a summer evening when it will be quieter.

Muker wild flower meadows Yorkshire Dales walk map route River Swale
The fields around Muker are certainly a spectacular sight on a sunny day with radiant colour all around

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  1. Dear Stuart,
    Really like your Swaledale photos. I have walked up and down there any number of times but missing it since lockdown began. I was just looking up some of my old photos and found your site. I know those flower meadows well and you certainly do them justice with your pix. I could send you my flower file if you like. In which case send me an email address. Mavis

    1. Hi Mavis - thanks for letting me know I capture some of the beauty of this place. I hope you manage to visit again!


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