About The Hiking Photographer, or rather Stuart Hodgson - the fella behind all this

Thanks for taking an interest in my outdoor adventures which I share to try and help others to get out into the great outdoors, discover some amazing places and reap the many physical & mental health benefits of being in nature.

It's always encouraging to get positive feedback and I love it when I hear people have visited new places because of what I've shared. Someone even got in touch to say they proposed to their wife after seeking out a stunning Lake District location that I blogged about!

The Hiking Photographer blog

This blog gives me a platform to share two big passions of mine; photography & hiking, hence the name which seemed rather too obvious not to use – The Hiking Photographer :) Maybe I should have been more unique haha but at least people know what the blog is about!

My blog is by no means an extensive list of all walks in a given area (there are better sites for that) - so I try and focus on my absolute favourite places where you see some truly stunning landscapes which also make for great views & photos. I also try and promote a range of walks no matter what your ability, experience and fitness levels and I'm happy to say the blog gets over 30,000 visitors a month - so I'm presuming lots of people may find it useful.

This blog is a hobby, so to win the Go Outdoors Best Independent Blog in 2015 made me chuffed to bits. It really did motivate me to keep going and continue to share more of my adventures. 

What's so good about hiking & the great outdoors anyway?

I guess the reason I enjoy hiking so much is that it combines a lot of positive benefits for me, such as:

  • I get a buzz off seeing such awe-some natural scenery;
  • It's excellent exercise - so keeps me fit :-)
  • I often go walking with others - so it's a great way of socialising, catching up with people and having fun
  • Often there are no phone signals in the wilds - so it's a good chance to unplug from the digital world (and a great antidote to my 9-5 desk job!);
  • I usually do a new walk every time - so I get to see lots of new & interesting places 
  • And finally the fresh air, natural surroundings, sweeping vistas, and awesome views are a great tonic for the mind - I always feel better and refreshed after a walk
If your interested in learning more about the proven scientific benefits of walking and nature - then check out my blog post on 5 powerful reasons why walking & nature are good for us

There is something really special about being amongst natures great landscapes - all I can say is it just lights up something inside of me and always makes me feel good to be alive. I hope my photos get across in someway this special feeling of being amongst nature's awe-some beauty :-)

What places I blog about:

I live in the North-East of England, so most of my blog posts cover areas close to me in Northern England, such as North-Yorkshire, The Lake District & Northumberland. But there will be the odd post from further afield. On most blog posts I have tried to document my walks quite extensively, with map routes to provide information and help others walk a similar route, and my posts include quite a few photos to give you an idea of what to expect.  As I'm an outdoor enthusiast - I will also blog now and again about other my outdoor adventures, like wild camping or wild swimming! And as hiking and camping involves the use of quite a bit of kit - I'll also post the odd gear review of stuff I recommend or find useful.

Wild camping lake district best spots tent Helm 2 compact tent review
Wild camping takes the outdoors to a whole new level and is an experience I'd recommend to anyone. When everyone else has gone home you have the place to yourself - and the chance to see spectacular sunsets, sunrises, mist filled valleys and the most amazing dark and stary night skies you'll ever see.

Collaborate with me, suggest ideas or get in touch 

The blog has grown in popularity as I've put more time into it and I love that people find it useful. It's a hobby I do in my spare time but  plan to expand the blog with many more walking routes and documented outdoor adventures, and I also aim to devote more time to review gear of use to hikers, campers, photographers & travellers. If you would like to get in touch about anything or have any potential collaboration ideas  - just give me an email at hello@stuart-hodgson.com

Anyway - thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog!

Blog by Stuart Hodgson 
'The Hiking Photographer'

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Not all my adventures & photos end up on this blog -
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  1. So pleased that I stumbled upon this webpage. The photography is stunning and the information regarding hikes/walks is invaluable. I’ve only recently moved to Cumbria but I absolutely cannot wait to get out and about and see these beautiful places for myself.
    Thank you, Stuart.

    1. Thanks Donna - glad you are finding the blog useful in your recent move to Cumbria - it’s a great part of the world :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the positive feedback - it makes me keep going :-)

  3. Just getting back into walking and this website is so informative and the photos are stunning! Thank you so much :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Annie and showing some appreciation :-) Hope it helps you get back into walking and discover some new places

  4. Great site and photos Stuart, could you tell me where the second photo on this pages was taken please.

    1. Thanks - glad you like it. I think the photo in question is one of Helm Crag near Grasmere - one of my latest posts on the blog

  5. Just wanted to say I just returned from Scotland and whilst there happened upon your blog. I've been hemming and hawing about starting my own blog to document my own photography and hiking and your blog is such an inspiration. One of these days I might actually do it!

    1. Thanks Devon - you really should start your own blog - I started mine just for a record of my own memories - and then it snowballed! No time like the present :-)

  6. I would like to say that you are an inspiration to other people out there who want to get into blogging and creating something for themselves. We are bloggers ourselves, sisters and working on our website with our two woman band, and I can vouch with how hard it is to get ideas onto the pages, how many hours go into each post, and how much you always strive to better yourself with each bit of information to help others.

    I'm so glad that I stumbled across your blog. It's amazing and you can see every bit of hard work that has gone into making it grow as it has done. I'd love to hear more about how you got your website to grow and if it is something that you have managed on your own, or if you have help along the way?

    We write to make lasting memories of the walks we go on in the Lake District, and have to say that it doesn't matter how many nights we've stayed up late trying to complete some work here and there, it's quite addictive and so rewarding when as you say, you receive a comment of appreciation to what you have posted.

    On top of this you have such skills to capture the photos and shots that you do. This in itself is pure talent and you have managed to put the whole site here together to showcase this. It's awe inspiring to see, and I only hope that one day our blog and site can be somewhat as good as yours.

    Thank you for not only inspiring new people to write, but also for encouraging the likes of us (Hazel and Zoe) to strive for that dream and just appreciate the memories that we have been able to share with others too. 😊

    1. Thanks for dropping by and showing some appreciation - to know my blog inspires others like yourselves is very rewarding. You’ve got a great blog yourself! It’s something I’ve worked on over a number of years, testing, refining and trying to improve it. All my own work and i’d like to think it’s come on a lot since my first posts!


Thanks for taking an interest in my blog, all comments and questions are welcome! Best, Stuart

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