The best pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween

Pumpkin carving ideas Halloween best creative funny 2022 2023 kids easy
Our 2 best Pumpkin carving ideas for this year!

Our best pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween ever!

With 2 young kids in our house - every year we are looking for new ideas for carving our pumpkins. This particular year we where going to a Halloween Party at our local pub which had a competition for the best pumpkin. After googling ideas for pumpkin carving - we eventually found a couple that we really liked and thought we would base our pumpkins on these - but with our very own creative twist and additions. 

The kids loved carving this pumpkins (with adult help of course - who happen to be a little competitive :-) We where very pleased with our final pumpkins and are proud to say the pumpkin with the little tangerine in the mouth is the one that won the best pumpkin prize with the other comic second :-) I thought I'd share our pumpkin ideas here as every one is always looking for new pumpkin carving ideas - so feel free to copy it or add your little twist. 

Pumpkin carving ideas Halloween best creative funny 2022 2023
This is the pumpkin that won the competition for the best pumpkin carving idea.

Pumpkin carving ideas Halloween best creative funny 2022 2023
When you are cutting out the mouth of the pumpkin you can of course keep the cut-out for the tongue!

This blog post is something a little different to the norm on here - but I thought I'd share some pumpkin ideas - hope you like it!

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