Wild swimming in a stunning natural infinity pool in the Lake District - the best swim spot in the Lakes?

infinity pool lake district wild swimming spots natural best
What an amazing place for a swim!

A hidden natural infinity pool in the Lake District 

What an amazing find this was on a recent walk exploring waterfalls in the Lake District - a hidden infinity pool perched up high overlooking the Lake District mountains! There are loads of wild swimming spots in the Lake District - but not many gems like this that are high up a steep mountain side in a natural infinity pool setting with the best Lake District views. It was a stunning find and one of those 'wow' moments, where everything comes together - it was also quite deep for a good swim about. The photo above got a load of likes and interest on Instagram - and I do share the locations of my adventures on my Instagram & Facebook stories to like-minded folowers, give me a follow if you want to discover loads of new places: 

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Regular readers of the blog will know I've shared in detail the popular wild swimming spots (like Buckstones Jump near Rydal Water) that are no secret really and lots of people know about them. Those sort of places can get quite busy in warm months and can attract large groups of people (on my recent visit to Buckstones Jump there was the odd bit of rubbish lying around and even some mens boxer shorts - not good!) 

Hence I'm reluctant to share the exact location of this particular hidden infinity pool spot - but for those true outdoorsy people and wild swimmers who like an adventure, I'm happy to share the rough location of this secret infinity pool on the map below (the buzz of finding these places is the challenge of finding them for yourself right? :-). Outdoorsy people will be able to figure it out once in the area by cross-referencing with the views in the photo above. If you do come across the infinity pool - please keep it tidy and unspoilt, and also refrain from sharing the exact location to stop it from getting really busy and avoid resulting litter issues...

map location wild swimming spots lake district
The general map location of the infinity pool [Click to enlarge & save] This idyllic infinity pool is on the north-eastern side of Thirlmire in the Lake District in the highlighted circle on the map. It's not that long a walk from where you can park the car but the exact spot is a little hidden from the main path. By not sharing the exact location I think you'll enjoy this special place all the more when you discover it - I think it's good to have an explore and sometimes things can be too accessible and it spoils the fun of adventure :-) To help you in your search if you click the interactive map route button below you can see where I recommend starting your waterfall hunting adventure and theres a big clue on the description :-)

To help discover new places I really recommend the Phone Map App by Ordnance Survey to help you plan walks and download route maps to your phone. The app will show you exactly where you are on the route even when you have no signal - I used it to find this hidden infinity pool - very handy indeed!

infinity pool lake district wild swimming spots natural best
There are lot's of stunning waterfalls and cascades on this Gill. If you get to this one you are nearly at the hidden infinity pool  - but have come a little bit too far up and it's a bit further down than this.

infinity pool lake district wild swimming spots natural best
The hidden infinity pool in all it's glory with stunning views over to Thirlmire. If you manage to find it from all the clues on this page you won't be disappointed by this magical place.

Happy Exploring :-)

Post by Stuart Hodgson 
'The Hiking Photographer'

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  1. As a respectful waterfall chaser, would be quite nice for you to share where this is.

    1. I've shared a map to give you a good idea - and once you arrive at the general location I'm sure you can cross reference the view form the infinity pool and figure it out :-)

  2. They've explained why they haven't. And I don't blame them. I'm not even a hiker yet I'm trying to find it haha

  3. What car park do you suggest we park at to try find it? Thank you

  4. Thank you so much!


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