Aira Force Waterfall Walk - best route & tips. An easy & short Lake District walk near Ullswater


Aira Force Waterfall walk map Ullswater Lake District car parking
Aira Force Waterfall near Ullswater is one of the best know known waterfalls in the Lake District and it's surprisingly easy to get too. Read on to find out everything you need to plan a day out here

Aira Force Waterfall Walk near Ullswater

Aira Force is one of the Lake Districts best known waterfalls and it's relatively easy to walk to this impressive waterfall with a 65ft drop. Aira Force waterfall is near the shores of Ullswater, close to Glenridding with lots of parking available and toilets and a cafe. Aira Force waterfall is set in ancient woodland and makes for an excellent walk, which can be as long or as short as you wish. Personally I like to view the waterfall from the below viewing platform and also walk over the bridge that runs over the top of Aira Force Waterfall. 

Where is Aira Force Waterfall?

Aira Force Waterfall walk map Ullswater Lake District car parking
Aira Force Waterfall is near Ullswater on its north-western edge. It's about a 5 minute drive from Glenridding and a 15 minute drive from Pooley Bridge. The Ullswater steamer boat also stops near Aira Force so you could get off the steamer here for a walk. There is a National Trust Car Park at Aira Force which will cost you a few quid for a few hours  

How long does it take to walk to Aira Force Waterfall?

The quickest walk to Aira Force Waterfall is 20 minutes from the car park. You can extend your walk in multiple directions. 

Is Aira Force Waterfall free?

You don't pay to see Aira Force waterfall but if you arrive by car you will have to pay to park at the National Trust Car Park.

Is Aira Force Waterfall an easy walk?

The walk to the waterfall is quite short and easy - but there is steps and you have to be quite mobile to get to the waterfall.

Can you drive to Aira Force Waterfall?

Yes, and most people do. There is a car park about 20 mins walk from Aira Force Waterfall

Aira Force Waterfall walk map Ullswater Lake District car parking
Aira Force is a really impressive Lake District waterfall with a 65ft drop and you get great views from the bottom, and also right on top when on the stone bridge. 

Aira Force Waterfall Walk Map:

Aira Force Waterfall walk map Ullswater Lake District car parking
Here is the Aira Force Waterfall map of all the walking paths in the area. The left map shows the wider area around Aira Force, including the path to High Force and beyond if you want to extend your walk (to Gowbarrow Fell for example). The map on the right shows the more popular paths to Aira Force Waterfall itself. You can view this image in greater detail (and maybe to print out by clicking the button below)

My best Aira Force Waterfall walking route:

I've highted in yellow the shorter walking route I prefer when visiting Aira Force for a leisurely walk, which can be done in about an hour. This is the route I'd take the kids on too. I like to do it in a clockwise direction, initially keeping close to Aira Force Beck on my right and then eventually heading down the 104 steps to the viewing platform to look up at Aira Force and get that amazing view and fresh air blast from the waterfall. I'll then cross Aira Force Beck and head up the 76 steps and walk onto the stone bridge for a different perspective of Aira Force Waterfall.  I'll then retrace my steps slightly and then walk the higher path which leads to the 170 year-old Sitka Spruce, after that it's onto Glade Bridge and then back to the car park.  

Aira Force Waterfall is impressive in all seasons and when visiting Aira Force you've got to view it from the bottom viewing platform and also the the stone bridge that goes over the top. On my preferred route above, you come down the 104 steps to the left on this photo and then cross the bridge bottom right and head  up the 76 steps to the bridge over Aira Force.

Extending your Aira Force walk

If you want to do a longer walk at Aira Force, you can always head up to High Force, and the walk to Gowbarrow Fell is a cracking longer route in the area which can be done in about 2-3 hours and give stunning views over Ullswater. I've done a blog about that longer route which you can view via the button below: 

Ullswater on this Gowbarrow fell walk, looking towards Glenridding and the Helvellyn range. This is a lovely walk providing some of the best views of Ullswater, and also including Aira Force.
You'll get some stunning views of Ullswater on the longer Gowbarrow fell walk

Anyhow, I hope this blog post has made you want to visit Aira Force and helped you in planning your visit!

Happy Hiking!

Post by Stuart Hodgson 
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