A wander around The Alhambra

Photos of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Andalucia, Southern Spain

This blog post is a little different to the others on here - being that it's not a walk as such and it's all about architectural beauty rather than the beauty of the natural world. Nonetheless, I wanted to post the pics I took on here, as it was a truly stunning place, a wonder of the world.

The alhambra palace
The level of detail throughout The Alhambra is truly amazing,
it's got to be one of the most astounding pieces of architecture on the planet!

I maybe haven't been in awe of a building as much as I was with the Alhambra. It had that same breath taking brilliance as I get, say, when looking at a magnificent landscape. I guess what was so spectacular about it was the level of detail on the walls inside the palace, and this detail is carried on through section after section of the palace. The gardens are excellent too, and lots of features are made of the running water that passes through the palace, which flows naturally from way up high in the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains. The creators of this place have also used the water and gardens to create micro-climates around the Alhambra, so you can escape the heat of the Spanish sun. All in all - there seems to be perfect harmony between the man-made and nature, and I guess this comes from the original Moorish vision to create something which resembles heaven on earth.

From a distance the Alhambra is hidden amongst the trees - and is quite basic on the outside - with no indication of what is to be found inside.

The Alhambra consists of gardens, courtyards, outhouses, pools, rooms, hidden gyms, and there are surprises around every corner. You see something amazing, and then see something even more astounding around the next corner.

I won't go too much into the layout of the alhambra, or the history and meaning - as that can be found elsewhere online. All I will do is post the pictures I took on my trip around the palace - which hopefully get across the fascination I had with the Alhambra. If you are ever on holiday on the South Coast of Spain - try and book a day trip to see this amazing building - you won't be dissappointed.


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