Surfing in Famara, Lanzarote with Lanzasurf

Surfing in Famara, Lanzarote, Lanzasurf, Surf lessons
Famara in Lanzarote is maybe one of the best places in Europe to learn to Surf. It's where I done my first surfing lessons with Lanzasurf and it's ideal

Learning to surf at Famara, Lanzarote with Lanzasurf

Surfing is always something I've wanted to try, but where I live in the North-East of England the waters are just not as appealing as the turquoise waters you see in warmer parts of the world :-). It was on a trip to Lanzarote where I learned that the small resort of Famara on the west-coast of Lanzarote has some of the best waters to learn to surf in Europe. So I spent a couple of days there learning to surf with some pre-arranged lessons through Lanzasurf (see http://www.lanzasurf.com)

Surfing in Famara, Lanzarote, Lanzasurf, Surf lessons
Lessons are fun and guided by experienced instructors so you can learn to surf fast

Before my trip to Lanzarote I wasn't quite sure what to expect but post-trip I can really recommend learning to surf in Famara and with Lanzasurf especially. All equipment is provided (boards, wetsuits etc as well as a simple lunch) Typically it seems on a given day there are 3 instructors (all good fun, friendly and knowledgable) and each instructor would take on a group of about 6-8 people depending on ability (most are beginners). On my trip there were a good mix of nationalities and ages and it was great meeting friendly people from all around Europe. 

It was my aim to be able to easily stand up on aboard after all the lessons (I had no ideas if that would be possible) but through the expert guidance of the instructors, and plenty of trial and error, I was able to do this during the first day - so happy days :-)

Surfing in Famara, Lanzarote, Lanzasurf, Surf lessons
Bit of proof that I could stand up on my board :-) Its a great feeling and as soon as you can surf even the small waves it hooks you. I can see how people get really into Surfing!

Surfing in Famara, Lanzarote, Lanzasurf, Surf lessons
Lanzasurf is based within the Famara bungalows complex - and this is where we would meet on the mornings to get kitted up and walk the short distance to the beach. Next door is also a shop to get any food or drink you might want and that all import sun-cream :-)

Surfing in Famara, Lanzarote, Lanzasurf, Surf lessons
Some people seemed to really progress on their lessons and I reckon after 3-5 days most people with be able to tackle some of the bigger waves

On this particular trip - we actually split our Lanzarote holiday between staying overnight at Famara when surfing and then moving onto a hotel in Puerto Del Carmen to relax at the end of the trip. Due to the small size of Lanzarote - if you do have a car - it would be fairly easy to make a morning drive to Famara from somewhere like Puerto Del Carmen in 30 minutes. So even if you are on a weeks holiday staying at one of the larger resorts - if you have a car - you could make the trip daily. Alternatively - you could stay in Famara - and Lanzasurf even have surf houses to stay in. 

If you are interested in learning to surf - then I really recommend the resort of Famara in Lanzarote and some pre-arranged lessons through Lanzasurf (see http://www.lanzasurf.com) - check them out.

Surfing in Famara, Lanzarote, Lanzasurf, Surf lessons
The beach at Famara in Lanzarote is long and sandy and the waters are relatively shallow too - perfect for learning to Surf

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