Swainby circular walk on the Cleveland Way in North Yorkshire


Swainby is an ideal place to start a walk from in North Yorkshire and this is my favourite circular walking route from Swainby that is on the Cleveland Way for half of it and offers superb views.

Swainby circular walk overview:

Swainby walk distance: 6.7 miles (10.8km)
Swainby walk time: 3 hours
Swainby walk difficulty: Easy

There's a short uphill section up onto Live Moor but it's not too steep 

Swainby village North Yorkshire cottages holiday rent for sale house
This walk starts and ends in the lovely little North Yorkshire village of Swainby, and there's 2 pubs in the village too so you can enjoy a well earned drink at the end of the walk.

Swainby circular walk map route:

This circular walk starts and finishes in Swainby where there is ample free, on-road parking. The route goes in an anti-clockwise direction and you walk on the Cleveland Way for a good chunk of it to the modest summit of 312m on Live Moor. You then head back to Swainby via Wholrlton Hill. 

Swainby walk photos of what to expect:

You'll head south out of the village on this minor road until you come off it and take the footpath here on your left

It isn't long until your on the Cleveland Way - just make sure you go left and not right :-)

Walking along the Cleveland Way

Still on the Cleveland Way, we now cross the field towards Heathwaite. Just above the treeline above the farm house in the  distance is the summit of Live Moor which we are heading towards. In the far distance to the left is Whorlton Hill which we'll head too from Live Moor

Didn't expect to see some Highland Cattle here!

Crossing the ford at Hollin Hill

Looking back to where we have just walked from

Time to take the path up to Live Moor now - this is the steepest up-hill section of the walk - but not too difficult

Getting good views now - and we can see Roseberry Topping in the far distance

Looking over to Whorlton Hill which we'll head too shortly 

Looking back down the Cleveland Way towards Swainby 

Carlton Bank comes into view now - and a random pile of stones which looks like a Cairn

Turns out that pile of stones is an ancient burial mound!

We are still on the Cleveland Way but will come off it in 200m or so

We come off the Cleveland Way and start heading for Whorlton Hill

We now follow the stone wall then take the path towards Whorlton Hill

After skirting around Whorlton Hill - it's a case of then heading back to Swainby on a nice leisurely stroll for a drink and something to eat :-)

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'The Hiking Photographer'

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  1. Hello, does this route take you through the fields with cows in, or just past them (with all cows behind fences)?

  2. Hi - we didn't pass through any fields with cows in on this walk - and the Highland Cattle in the pics where fenced off - hope that helps!


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