The 3 best Roseberry Topping walk routes with the best views, near Teesside in North Yorkshire


Roseberry topping walk best views great Ayton map route height how high parking
Roseberry Topping is a distinctive and iconic landmark with a 'fin' like shape and is a very noticeable peak on the Cleveland Hills. It's a brilliant destination for a walk for all ages. 

The 3 best Roseberry Topping walking routes

Roseberry Topping is a well-known and much-loved popular walking destination for many people in the Teesside and North-Yorkshire area. You can see it from miles around which makes you just want to tackle it. However there are multiple walking routes that take in Roseberry Topping, with some fantastic hidden views that many people do not come across on their Roseberry Topping Walk. Read on to discover my 3 favourite Roseberry Topping walking routes which are of varying lengths and difficulty. 

How high is Roseberry topping?

Roseberry Topping is 320m high (1,049ft) and whilst not the biggest hill you'll ever see it's a very distinctive local landmark that just needs to be tackled on a walk as it gives some of the best views in the area.

How far is it to walk up to Roseberry Topping?

It depends on the walking route you take, with the shortest walk being 1.3 miles and can be done in an hour. There are longer Roseberry Topping walking routes and multiple paths to the summit, and the 3 best routes in my humble opinion are featured on this blog post.

Is Roseberry Topping easy to climb?

It's quick to walk up to the summit of Roseberry Topping, but it does get steep in parts (whilst being perfectly safe). It is though a great walk for all ages for those with a reasonable level of fitness.

How much is parking at Roseberry Topping?

It will cost you a few quid to park at the Roseberry Topping car park (TS9 6QS), which can get busy on weekends. However you may be able to park on the road or the big lay-by about 300 yards up the road for free.

Roseberry Topping walk best route view climb easy walking map
Discover the 3 best Roseberry Topping Walks

#1. A quick Roseberry Topping walk (ideal for families)

This is the quickest and most direct way to tackle Roseberry Topping - which starts at the Roseberry Topping Public Car Park (TS9 6QS). It's about 1.2 miles there and back and the total walk can be done in about an hour depending on your fitness and time at the top :-)

Roseberry Topping walk best route view climb easy walking map
The walk starts off flatish up Roseberry Lane - where Roseberry Topping is in full view. This is the most direct route up to Roseberry Topping and the quickest Roseberry Topping walk. It's pretty much 'as the crow flies' to the summit and the path just heads straight for the summit as depicted in this photo. I do it often with my young family as it only takes us about an hour. Ella & Charlie where both 4 when they first got to the top with no carries :-)

Roseberry Topping quick walk overview details:

Roseberry Topping walk total distance: 1.3 miles (2.2km)

Roseberry Topping walk total time: 1 hour

Walk Difficulty: Moderate - it's a short route but steep!

Roseberry Topping walk best route view climb easy walking map
From the car park it's a case of just going straight for it. It starts off flat but at the end of Roseberry Lane you'll come to some steps and then it's a bit of a slog to the top - with some steep sections - but with plenty of stops and a couple of benches on the way it's fine for kids aged 4+ - and will probs take you 30-40mins to reach the top. There are some great views at the top and take some snacks and a drink for the summit. We like to come down the path to the north of the summit which is steep also - but the kids find it funny, especially if you slip over on your behind and get a muddy rear :-) All in all you should be able to this full circular walk in about an hour.

Here's the elevation of the walk - with the total climb being 587ft. The summit is actually nearly 1000ft - but the walk doesn't start at sea-level so you get some cracking views quite quickly.

#2. The stunning bluebell walk route with some of the best views of rose berry topping

Roseberry Topping walk - Bluebells in Newton Wood
Roseberry Topping with the Bluebells in Newton Wood in front - I try and visit this location every year in May or early June time when the Bluebells are in bloom.  

Map showing my location to take the best picture of roseberry topping bluebells
This map shows the location (pink circle) within Newton Wood to get the best view of Roseberry Topping and the Bluebells as shown in the photo above.
Walking through the stunning Newton Wood when the bluebells are in bloom

Roseberry Topping 'Bluebell' wood overview details:

Roseberry Topping Walk Distance: 2.4 miles (3.9km)

Roseberry Topping Walk Time: 1.5 hours

Roseberry Topping Walk Difficulty: Easy

This Roseberry Topping walk starts from the public Car Park and again heads up Roseberry Lane, but you take a right into Newton Wood instead of heading straight to the summit. Newton Wood is a nice little woodland, which is made all the more special by the flowering Bluebells in May/early June.  This is a gentler way to walk up to Roseberry Topping that isn't as steep as the quick route above. This route is a much more varied walk and if you have the time is the Roseberry Topping walking route I recommend. 

#3. The longer Roseberry Topping circular walk, via Captain Cooks monument from Great Ayton

Roseberry topping walk best views great Ayton map route height how high parking
This view of is probably my best view of Roseberry Topping. It's taken from just above the old quarry on Cockshaw Hill and isn't far at all from Captain Cooks monument, but is a little off the the usual beaten track to Captain Cooks monument.

Roseberry Topping walk via Captain Cooks Monument & Cockshaw Hill overview:

Roseberry Topping Walk Distance: 7.1 miles (11.4km)

Roseberry Topping Walk Time: 3-4 hours (depending on stops)

Roseberry Topping Walk Difficulty: Moderate

This longer Roseberry Topping walk starts in Great Ayton and goes in a clockwise direction to Roseberry Topping first and then you get on the Cleveland Way and head for Captain Cooks monument. Once at Captain Cooks monument you come off the main path and skirt around the side of Cockshaw Hill where you will get to see my favourite view of Roseberry Topping just above the old quarry. From there you head back to Great Ayton. 

Captain cooks monument Roseberry Topping walk cleveland way
Captain Cooks monument makes another good point of interest to walk too and the views are pretty impressive up here too! 

Roseberry Topping walk at sunset. From Cockshaw hill quarry, near Captain Cook's monument, teesside
Cockshaw Hill is a great place to watch the sunset by Roseberry Topping and if you visit at the end of August/September the pink heather will be in full bloom. You don't necessarily have to do this longer walk route to visit this place and you can just miss out Rseberry Toping itself all together and park at the foot of Cockshaw Hill and head up to Captain Cooks monument and and bimble around Cockshaw Hill.

And there you are - that wraps up my 3 best Roseberry Topping walks! I hope it inspires you to visit the area and give them a go!

Post by Stuart Hodgson 
'The Hiking Photographer'

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