Wild swimming in the Lake District in my all-time best location at stunning Eskdale


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What a spot for a wild swim in the the Lake District!

Wild Swimming in the Lake District at Eskdale - there's no where else like it - what a spot!

I've been into wild swimming a number of years now largely since lockdown and for me there is nothing quite as invigorating and refreshing as a dip in the cold water. Wild swimming is a great way to reset and recharge the mind and body too as well as give you a whole host of documented health benefits (see my blog post on the Top 10 health benefits of cold water swimming). 

The fresher and cleaner the water the better for me and you are spoilt for choice for wild swimming opportunities in the Lake District from small pristine rivers, deep waterfalls and gorges, to stunning isolated tarns and the larger more well-known lakes. There is literally water and wild swimming opportunities everywhere! 


There is one area in particular in the Lake District that is my all time favourite and that is in Eskdale along the River Esk - where the water is pure, crystal clear and emerald in colour - it's an incredible area. To get here simply park at the small car park below Hardknott Roman Fort, and head along the River Esk for around 50 mins or so to Lingcove Bridge. You'll come across various points on the River Esk for a dip along the way, such as Kail Pot - but the best and deepest places to swim are around Lingcove Bridge, such as Tongue Pot. 

This map shows the route to walk from the car park to Lingcove Bridge, which takes around 50 mins. At the half way point is Kail Pot which is well worth checking out for a wild swim. Once at Lingcove Bridge - Tongue Pot is another popular spot and then there are plenty of others to come across in this area if you just keep following the River Esk up stream. Like I say you are literally spoilt for choice!

This is Lincove Bridge - and once you have walked to this location you've hit wild swimming heaven!

The best wild swimming spots in Eskdale in the Lake District

Depending on the time of day, weather, and if it's the weekend, there will probs be people around the popular spots in Eskdale at mid-day if it's a warm day. But there's so many places that you will be able to find somewhere just for yourself. It's all about exploring! I like to get there early so I have the popular spots to myself - and then explore further up stream to the more hidden places. Here's some of my favourite wild swimming spots in Eskdale below.    

Tongue Pot wild swimming Eskdale Lake district
The crystal clear waters of Tongue Pot, Eskdale. This place is literally about 30 meters downstream of Lingcove Bridge, and the best place for a long swim and jumping in - it is my favourite river swim the the Lake District. However it is popular during the warmer months and on weekends - so I try and visit early or on weekdays.

Tongue Pot wild swimming Eskdale Lake district
Tongue Pot gets deeper and deeper as you head to the waterfalls - and you can jump in off the sides right near the waterfall. The water there must be 12ft deep or so. What a place!

wild swimming Lake district best spots location
Cascading falls on the River Esk

Wild swimming Lake District best spots
What a spot for a Lake District wild swim!

There's even cave pools to explore and jump in - the photo doesn't do this place justice!

Our very own infinity pool in the Lake District!

The colour of the emerald water along the River Esk is amazingly clear and unlike anywhere else

As well as wild swimming there's plenty of spots to jump in too! 

On my most recent wild swimming trip - I was gifted some items by Superdry to try out and here's yours truly wearing a Superdry hoodie (which is a great item to put on after a swim to get warm again) and some Superdry shorts from their swimwear range!

Spot the shorts! I always like my clothing and camping equipment to be discreet, natural and stealth like in their look - and swim shorts don't get more discreet than these! They are pretty well disguised in this wild swim spot - check out their full range of men’s swimming shorts and women’s sports swimwear today before planning your next outdoor adventure.

Finally another plug to Superdry and something well worth checking out is their wild swimming guide called 'Unknown Waters' which features some of the best wild swim spots around the UK - visit www.superdry.com/unknown-waters to find out more and get some more wild swimming inspiration!

Happy Wild Swimming!

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