Mellbreak walk and Scale Force, with superb views of Crummock Water & Buttermere in the Lake District


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The summit Mellbreak fell offers some stunning views of Buttermere and Crummock Water - and possibly has the best views of any fell in this area, including Fleetwith Pike & Haystacks!

Mellbreak walk in the Lake District

Mellbreak is an often overlooked fell in this area of the Lake District, walkers visiting the area usually head for Haystacks or Fleetwith Pike - both some of the best Lake District walks, but the views from Mellbreak down towards the aforementioned fells are some of the best in Lakeland and I dare say the finest in this area of the Lakes - so Mellbreak is definitely worth adding to your list. For the photographers amongst us - I'd suggest doing this walk later in the day when the sun is more to the west as the light will hit the fells better.

Mellbreak walk in the Lake District - overview

Mellbreak walk distance: 6.3 miles
Mellbreak walk time: 3 hours
Mellbreak walk difficulty: Hard

Mellbreak walk map route:

Mellbreak map route lake district
This walk starts from the Kirkstile Inn - a lovely pub with a car park for paying customers (so an ideal excuse to have a coffee before the walk and a pint and food at the end of the walk!) It goes in an anti-clockwise direction and Mellbreak looks like a steep pyramid at the start. It is a steep walk up to Mellbreak on loose scree, and not the easiest - but you'll soon reach the summit in no time. On this particular route I've added a slight detour east from near the summit as you'll get better, uninterrupted  views over Crummock Water and Buttermere. From there it's an easy decent towards Scale Force - the Lake Districts tallest waterfall. On the return leg it's a leisurely walk back alongside the shores of Crummock Water, and you might want to stop at Low Line Crag to admire the views and have a bite to eat. It'd a walk of real quality and stunning views all the way. Click the button below to view the interactive map.

If you don't have a Phone Map App - I really recommend the one by Ordnance Survey. You can download route maps to your phone such as this one and the app will show you exactly where you are on the route even when you have no signal - so no more taking a wrong turn :-)

Mellbreak walk photos:

The day starts off early at Kirkstile Inn - with not a cloud in the sky and the pyramid like summit of Mellbreak in full view. Note if you decide to park the car at Kirkstile Inn it's for paying customers only so grab a coffee at the start and ause it as an excuse for a pint/food at the end!

I take the opportunity at the start of the walk to get the drone out!

Mellbreak looking mighty fine here with the early morning sun catching it's northern face that towers over Crummock Water

You can get a sense of the steepness of Mellbreak at the start of the walk here

The path is pretty steep at the start of the ascent and largely consisting of loose scree so walking poles come in handy!

Looking west over towards Low Fell and Loweswater. Low Fell is another highly recommended walk to do! 

On the false summit of Mellbreak at 509m - the true summit of 512m is towards the top right of the pic and you'll get better more uninterrupted views over there so I don't hang around here long. Although the sun is out I can see a bank of dark cloud rolling in.

I think the best views to be had from Mellbreak are just to the north of the true summit of 512m - you'll drop down a little in height and there's no clearly marked path to follow - but the views here are incredible! If you follow my route map above you'll see where the slight detour is from the summit!  

Incredible views over Crummock Water and Buttermere! But I've gone from sunny clear blue skies to dark and moody skies (which weren't forecast until a lot later) typical Lake District weather haha If you are looking to take the best photos of this view - I recommend being here later in the day when the sun is behind you to the west and fully illuminating the fells in the distance like Fleetwith Pike & Haystacks

I feel specks of rain on the summit and the sky is darkening further so I head down and the rain moves in. There was no rain forecast today so I didn't even pack my waterproofs - school boy error in the Lakes ha

A little break in the rain clouds gave this stunning view over towards Crummock Water and Buttermere. The photo doesn't do it justice - what a sight! After the pic I crack on quickly to head towards Scale Force 

On this walk I detour to Scale Force - one of my favourite waterfalls in the whole of the Lakes and it is the largest single drop waterfall in the Lake District too! I like to scramble up past the first waterfall to the larger one - but it's very tricky, especially when the rock is wet too (it's also harder coming down that up) - but I don't come here often so I decide to have a scramble up

When in Rome and all that haha - might as well get in the waterfall for a bit of cold water therapy. It's deep enough to have a little paddle but the waterfall is very powerful and almost takes your breath away I you swim into it. It's certainly very refreshing though and gives you a great natural buzz

After Scale Force it's a 15 min walk to Low Ling Crag on Crummock water to have a chill, flask of coffee and bite to eat. It's a nice little spot here with shingle beaches and if I hadn't had a dip already I would be swimming here!

The views are incredible on Low Ling Crag!

Low Ling Crag is another good spot to get the drone out

Looking up to Mellbreak - and where I was earlier in the day!

The views are pretty special all the way along the shores of Crummock Water 

For those who don't want the steep walk of Melbreak - just a leisurely walk along the side of Crummock Water has pretty special views

Looking over towards Rannerdale and Whiteless Pike in the background 

One last chance to soak in the views before getting back to Kirkstile Inn

I hope that has given you a taste of this stunning Mellbreak walk and back via Crummock Water! Get it on your list you won't be disappointed 

Happy Hiking!

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